Wind-Up Knight Android Game

A nice scrolling platform game is the Wind-up Knight android game. Having a challenging gameplay, an amazing graphics and so many items to buy and earn in game to help you complete your quest are making this game one of the best 3d android games.

You can download this game for free from the market.

Pros & Cons:

  • Pros
  • Amazing graphics!
  • Challenging gameplay!
  • A bunch of upgrades!
  • Rich background features!
  • Cons
  • Sometimes you will feel like the controls aren’t responding.
  • It is also very difficult.

  • Features:

From the game Robot Invader the Wind-up knight android game is a really ambitious one. Firstly you will notice the beautifully graphics.

In this game you will have to lead yours Knight-fellow through tough levels, to collect coins and also slashing baddies and you will have to complete quests. The game also has some tutorial levels where you will learn how to jump, slash, and roll and how to use your shield.

As a player in this game you will have to approach it very gently at first because you will find it really tough. It will feel tougher when you will experience the controls that aren’t responding, sometimes. The tutorial levels are also hard and it will take you a while to get through them.

So many things made me like the Wind-up knight android game. In the game you also have a store from you can buy armors, shields and weapon upgrades and the menus from the game are very animated.

While you are trying to complete quests you will experience an amazing soundtrack. The soundtrack is sounding really original and medieval and it makes this game perfect.

  • Fun Factor:

Being very atmospheric and having lots of fun this game is very hard to master. You will have to be patient and to be prepared to get killed a while until you learn what it is all about. In long-term this game is really rewarding so you will have to play it a while to get to master it.

  • Addictive:

This game can become very addictive. I was very addicted to it because of the chickens that were killing me in the training levels and I had to continue to fight with them. I think that the gamers that are getting tired of getting killed will not offer enough patience and practice like this game needs.

  • Graphics:

Its graphics are really beautiful and to experience the best of it you will need a best android device. I think that the graphics and all of its features are making this game one of the best 3d android games.

  • Accelerometer, Vibration & Sound:

The sound as I mentioned is perfect for this game and it makes it perfect.

I hope that this Wind-Up Knight Android Game review will make you have patience and experience this game through its all levels.


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