WeatherPro Android App

A new weather app for Android is the highly detailed WeatherPro Android App. This weather app is also a forecast application. WeatherPro Android App gives you the possibility to view radar and satellite images for the U.S., U.K. and most of Europe with accurate seven day forecasts available at each 3 hours, and it also has extensive forecast data for over two million locations from all over the world. Those things make WeatherPro Android App one of the best apps for weather.

The price for this weather app is $2.99 and the weather for android tablets can also be seen with the WeatherPro HD for tablets that has the price of $3.99 in the market. This is but one of the many applications that can make your life a lot more comfortable. If you want to keep in touch with the latest tech news and discover other useful apps, we advise you to subscribe to tech news website. We particularly like SifruTech.Com because it has concise information that can easily be understood by most people. Our smartphones and tablets have a lot more potential than we used to think and the WeatherPro is just one of the many apps that can make your Android App a lot more useful.

  • Pros & Cons:
  • Pros

• Over two million locations!
• Detailed radar and satellite images!
• 7-day forecasts with 3-hourly intervals!
• View detailed graphs featuring temperature, precipitation risk, pressure, sunshine duration, humidity and wind!
• Simple to use!
• Live wallpaper!
• Nice widgets!

  • Cons

• Lacks the UI polish of other weather applications.

  • Features:

This application is a detailed and an extemely handy weather app and after testing it i think that is one of the best apps for weather. This application has a simple menu that lets you to use it really easy and to navigate through it with no problems. We highly recommend this weather app if you are looking for weather for your Android device.

The UI was the first thing noticed about this weather app by me. The only one thing that didn’t like me is the lack of polish at the WeatherPro screens that are bright blue hue.

This weather app is really easy to use and it has a user interface that really pleased me. After entering in this one of the best weather apps you will see the main screen where it’s displayed the weather for the next 7 days. You can touch on the arrows that every day has on the right and it will open the screen with the feature of 3-hourly forecast.

In the bottom of the screen you can choose to enter in settings, or to enter in satellite, radar view or in locations. From the settings menu you can customize your weather app by choosing the weather units.
WeatherPro Android App isn’t the best looking weather app but it definitely is one of the best apps if you want to have weather for android devices.

  • Usefulness:

If you want to know the weather on your city or just want to know the weather in other location this weather app is really accurate.

  • Ease of use:

WeatherPro Android App is really easy to use and its design is amazing and you can understand very easy how to use it.

  • Frequently Used:

If you are a person that needs to know how the weather is and will be you will use it very often.

  • Interface:

This application has a simple design but it has a detailed and simple to understand information.

As you can see, this app has many uses for all people and especially for people who are traveling a lot. If you want to discover more interesting apps and gadgets you should subscribe to a tech website which features simple and concise gadget related news and reviews.


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