The importance of IT managed services

Nowadays, businesses rely very much on outsourcing solutions as a means to improve the operation of the company and to cut down the expenses at the same time. Managed services refer to outsourcing management responsibilities as for instance HR and maintenance activities. A managed services company is therefore responsible for the functionality of the system it manages. The most common types of managed service provider are those operating in the information technology domain, because the demand for IT services is the greatest. Managed services IT companies will be accountable for the entire IT system, but the services the provider offers can usually be tailored to customers’ needs.  The third party contractor generally delivers both equipment and applications to the company that hired its services. IT managed service providers offer fully outsourced network management and the best part is that every operation can be completed remotely. The fact that a company can pay a MSP to install, manage and maintain its network without even accessing the internal network of that company is amazing.

There are many reasons why companies prefer to appeal to outsourcing solutions when it comes to IT networks. The main reason is the fact that they cannot afford to upgrade and maintain better computer networks. Considering the fact that faster and faster computers and better hardware appear every year, imagine how much money you would need to invest in infrastructure every time a faster computing system is out on the market. By relying on a managed services company, you can leave everything in the hands of professionals. They will be responsible with everything from infrastructure to management, so you can rest assured that you will only have to pay an affordable fee every month and receive high quality services.

IT services usually include IP telephony, call center management, managed firewalls, virtual private networks, monitoring and management of network servers. A managed server refers to taking care of the entire server infrastructure. Companies that offer managed services manage both software and hardware problems. A managed network service includes providing support for the following platforms; LAN, wireless, load balancing, firewall, WAN optimization and content filtering. Managed devices include laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile devices, but it can also refer to the provider bringing its own devices. User support refers to the task of managing the accounts of the employees. Mailboxes and application access are managed remotely by the IT support company. Print support is necessary in almost any company, because employees are required to print many files and sometimes the operation of the company depends on it. Last but not least is data protection. A business can only run smoothly while its important data is stored safely. Besides the fact that access to company information from outside is strictly forbidden, data also needs to be protected against destruction. While hard disks and servers might get damaged, it is important to have the information stored safely in the cloud. Recuperating the data from a damaged hard disk is sometimes impossible without a backup and managed data protection can come in handy during these times.


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