Sentinel 3: Homeworld Android Game

If you want to have an amazing game experience on your Android device then you should try Sentinel 3: Homeworld Android Game.

  • Pros
  • Breath-taking HD graphics!
  • Immersive sound and high quality music!
  • Over 20 towers to use, plus cool secondary weapons!
  • 20 campaign levels of intense mayhem!
  • 3 different modes: Campaign, Endless and Classic!
  • Cons

There are very occasional graphic glitches in the menu system.

  • Features:

All of the android games are having a great graphic but this tower defense game, Sentinel 3: Homeworld is an amazing one with its high definition graphics and its design with incredible effects, strong vivid color and amazing lighting. This tower defense game also has the items like the baddies and turrets are very nice polished with all of this the game also has so many locations and backdrops.

Sentinel 3: Homeworld Android Game Review that we are offering you will show you that this game has much more than a high definition graphics.

This tower defense game it’s a nice one you will have to put your turrets/towers in the perfect location and after that watch them shooting the oncoming enemy waves. This game isn’t like the other android games of its type and adds a little more to the gameplay. This game has a diversity of 20 towers that you will have to choose from and another thing that makes it unique is that you don’t have to shoot only some waves of enemies to complete the level you will have to defend a specific structure to defend.

This tower defense game can be played in the campaign mode, Endless and Classic modes. In the campaign mode you will see that it has a storyline and plot and with each level completed your towers will get upgraded and new maps will get unlocked.

I really like this tower defense game and I sometimes experienced only one problem. Occasionally the loading was a little too slow and it was looking like it was freezing and I had to restart the game.

  • Fun Factor:

You will have so much fun with this tower defense game while you are killing bunch of aliens. You will love this game because of its 20 levels that you will have to complete, more than 20 turrets to buy, the endless and the classic mode are insane.

  • Graphics:

After entering in the world of Sentinel 3: Homeworld the graphics will make you love it and see the beauty in it. Some levels are highly defined with graphics and the guns in this game are also in high definition.

  • Accelerometer, Vibration & Sound:

The sound in this game makes it one of the best android games, it is simply perfect. Some dubstep/ drum n’ bass music from ‘Specimen A’ will ensure you an exciting experience in this game.

We are hoping that the Sentinel 3:Gameworld Android Game review will make you play this game.


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