RLW Live Wallpaper Pro Android App

With the RLW Live wallpaper pro android app review I want to present you a beautiful looking and highly configurable live wallpaper for Android devices. With this android live wallpaper you can create some awesome circles that will rotate behind your shortcuts, apps and widgets.

The RLW live wallpaper pro can be purchased from the market for $0.99.

  • Pros & Cons:
  • Pros:
  • Highly configurable!
  • It looks very nice and probably can be modified to compliment all of the Android themes!
  • Lots of theme and is available for third parties to develop new ones!
  • Cons
  • Not interactive like some live wallpapers.
  • Features:

If you care how your Android device looks and how it feels then you will like RLW Live wallpaper pro. The android devices are separated by the iPhone devices that some people are still using because of the customization that you can bring to your device with the help of android live wallpaper and many other customization options. Having a huge success on the market the android live wallpapers are being developed and the number of users of these apps is growing.

RLW live wallpaper pro is developed by Mariux. In this android live wallpaper app you can customize its movement and how it looks like in so many ways.

RLW live wallpaper pro is looking like a bunch of rotating circles. At the beginning it is blue but like I said before you can customize this app as you want it. You can also set the rotation speed of the circles and also the size and the direction of them.

The level of customization that lets you make this android live wallpaper makes you love it and you can do your own wallpaper. RLW live wallpaper pro isn’t interactive like other android live wallpapers but I think that really doesn’t matter and this app really liked me.

  • Usefulness:

The android live wallpapers can’t be called useful only if they have a calendar and a clock. RLW live wallpaper pro is amazing and with its level of customization will let you make your own Android background.

  • Ease of use:

This app is so simple that even a kid can configure it. It has a bunch of options so you will need some time to play with it.

  • Frequently used:

Because it is an android live wallpaper app it actually is used all the time in the background. You will get a unique look on your device with this app because of its large range of possible configurations.

  • Interface:

This app also has a simple and very clear interface. The options will highlight when you will choose them and the transition between the menu and sub-menus is quick and smooth.

In this RLW Live Wallpaper Pro Android App Review I hope that I really made you like this app because I love it.


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