Reckless Getaway Android Game Review

Reckless Getaway Android Game

The Reckless Getaway Android Game Review has arrived, a review for a game that you will never be bored with. While you are waiting to raise money for a new LoL referral, you could use that time to play this amazing game. The Reckless Getaway is a game where you race cars along 16 levels. You can choose between two modes of play. The graphics of the game are so vibrant, the sound is amazing and it is so easy to control it. The developer of the game is Polarbit, the same developer who designed games like: Raging Thunder, Raging Thunder 2 and Wave Blazer. By know we already know that it is going to be a good race game if we see the name of the developer on it.

Here are the pros of the game:

  • The graphics are mind blowing
  • You will find yourself playing for hours and hours because the game is so addicting
  • The sound of the game is not annoying
  • You can download it and play it one second later
  • You have leader boards thanks to the Polarbit developer

Here are the cons of the game:

  • It does not have an OpenFeint social system
  • The difficulty of the levels needs to be changedP


The game consists of you hopping into a race car and staring to drive around town. In one of the levels you need to drive a car full of stolen money in a crazy traffic, you have to drive as fast as you can if you do not want to be caught by the police. You need to do some amazing stunts and drive like crazy if you want to get away from the cops. There are many gamers that believe this game as addictive as League of Legends and that says something about it, because currently LoL is the most played game in the world. If you are stuck without a LoL referral and you cannot gain more Riot Points and Influence points, you can try out the new Reckless Getaway; maybe you will like as well.

All the levels are very fun because you literally have to jump over cars, you have to drive through narrow gaps in traffic and you can take control of a cop’s car and drive it on the opposite side of traffic. This game is very addicting because it has all the elements presented above.

So, this is our Reckless Getaway Android game review which we hope that you liked because it is seriously a very fun game. It was developed by Polarbit, one of the greatest developers when it comes to car racing games. If you like this type of games we advise you to try it because we are sure that the minute you start playing it you will never want to leave your phone down. Go online and try it, you have nothing to lose and it is very easy to set up.


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