Finally, the Alchemy Genetics Android Game Review is done and we could not be more happy to share it with you.  The Alchemy Genetics  is a weird but fun game. All you have to do is mix different animals so… Read More »

If you are a business man you should read our CNBC Real-Time for Android app review because with this program you will make your life easier. With this little application you can see the stock quotes before, during and after… Read More »

We have finally done the Spotify Android App Review which many of us may have been waiting for. The Spotify app is a program which brings you millions of track on your android device. You can take your Spotify playlist… Read More »

A new amazing note taking application is Extensive Notes and it has so many features. You can buy this note taking app from the market for $1.99.   Pros & Cons: Pros Extremely easy to use and feature rich note… Read More »

We thought we should make a DeskSMS Android app review because it is quite amazing that with this app you can text from your phone number but by using a browser or Gmail for example. When you reply to someone… Read More »

We thought we’d do a Wave Launcher Android app review because this app is absolutely amazing. What the Wave launcher android app does is written in the name it launches applications for you android device. It is fast and easy… Read More »

For a while now the GroupMe Android app was launched and it is basically an application where you can add all of your friends and talk to them using a free phone number that they give you when you download… Read More »

Our Muffin Knight Android game review is here to tell you everything about this addictive game. The game is a platform available only to android and what you do is run around collecting muffins. During the game you will have… Read More »

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The Reckless Getaway Android Game Review has arrived, a review for a game that you will never be bored with. While you are waiting to raise money for a new LoL referral, you could use that time to play this… Read More »

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