NodeBeat Android App

In the NodeBeat Android App review I will present to you a new android music creator app that has the nice and old linear sound generation titles available in Android Market is NodeBeat Android App. In this app you will not create music by adding sound effects on the streaming grid, in this android music app the music will be created from different Nodes that will have an emanating pulse. After testing it I think that this android music creator app is a really nice one.

As you can see, smartphones and tablets are no longer just means of communication but indispensable devices which can significantly improve our life. However, in order for these improvements to take place, one must know which apps to download. This mission is a little tricky as there are countless apps designed for all possible needs. In order to keep in touch with the most popular apps, we advise you to read tech news website. We particularly like HcmDigital.Net as it features not only apps but also the latest gadgets and devices. The NodeBeat was one of the best apps that we found recently. It is a great tool for music lovers who want to explore their artistic skills.

  • Pros & Cons:
  • Pros
  • Simple to create sounds!
  • Superb visuals!
  • Fantastic ambient sound!
  • Ability to record your tracks!
  • Cons
  • Controlling your music is a bit tough.
  • Features

This app isn’t like the other android music creator apps that are available in the store. NodeBeats has a different approach about the music creation.

When you will firstly enter in this app you will see an empty screen where you will have to drag ‘Nodes’. In this android music app you can choose between 4 kinds of Nodes and to the Nodes you will attach other smaller Nodes that will make the initial sound to be different. After doing that you can do whatever you want to make your music sound how you like it. Controlling your music isn’t as simple as it is in the traditional music creation apps and you will need to practice a little bit to get used to it. This music creator android app with its style will make you explore it and you will have fun playing with the sounds.

The minus of this app probably is that you will feel sometimes that you are out of control that will frustrate you or it can be a plus and maybe this will make you feel free.

The visual of this android music app is absolutely amazing and I’m sure that you will like it. The way that you can save your music and your sounds to the SD card is another thing that you will like and the effects that you can add like Decay, Echo, Release and Attack are another feature that makes it a nice app.

  • Usefulness:

The NodeBeat android music creation app is really capable to be a stand-alone music creation tool because of its all features.

  • Ease of Use:

This app is an amazing simple one but it is also a hard to master one and it can be addictive like a game after you are starting to learn more and more about it.

  • Frequently Used:

Being like an addictive video game this android music app will keep you into it.

  • Interface:

The apps interface is absolutely stunning and it’s also perfect. In my opinion I think that this app is an amazing one but the ones that like the things that are orchestrated and functional will not like it.

I hope that NodeBeat Android App review will make you understand the beauty of this app. If you found it interesting and would like to see more apps like these, visit and get all the information you need to stay in touch with innovations related to mobile devices in general. Moreover, you can find reviews of products or software that will convince you whether they’re useful or not.


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