Muffin Knight Android Game Review

Muffin Knight Android Game

Our Muffin Knight Android game review is here to tell you everything about this addictive game. The game is a platform available only to android and what you do is run around collecting muffins. During the game you will have to shoot a couple of animals such as: pigs, bats, turtles, goats and sheep. The muffin knight game is one of the most addicting game available for android.

Here are some pros regarding the game:

  • It has amazing graphics
  • Gorgeous music and sound effects
  • It is addicting, you can find yourself playing for hours and hours
  • A large number of levels
  • A lot of interesting characters and weapons
  • Multiplayer option available only online

Description of the game:

In the Muffin Knight game all you have to do is run around collecting muffins. With every level you pass the characters change from candy zombies to pooping unicorns and ninja kitties. The characters in the game change instantly after you have collected a muffin. We have the pooping unicorn that launches rainbow colored and explosive poop, we have pumpkin who rolls his head around the game and last but not least we have Cyclops who creates black holes wherever he goes. As you move on into the game you can upgrade the powers of your characters thus making it easier for you to fight the baddies.

The pace of the game is kind of fast, you have to keep up with the rhythm of the game. The aim of the game is to collect muffins and boost your score so that you can unlock other characters and upgrades. You can play with your friends online if you want the game to be even more competitive or you can save all your scores into Open feint and compare them with your friends.

We are happy to tell you that most of the Muffin Knight Android game review was positive because it is a great game. Muffin Knight was developed by Angry Mob Games which means that you will see in the game a lot of colors, amazing graphics and an interactive environment. The game playing is not yet 3D, you still have the 2D mood of playing. So, if you are bored and you want to play a game you should download this fun game. We guarantee that this game will keep you glued to the display for hours and hours because it is so fun and amusing.


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