Math Learning for Children While Watering the Garden

For those of you who have always loved taking care of flowers, plants of all types and gardens in general, modern technology has come with an innovative product! Math learning for children while watering the garden, also known as “Grow your Garden HD”. You will be introduced into a fantastic world with a wide variety of plants thanks to this iPad app. One of its beneficial effects is that it can help you learn math more than it would happen during common math classes.

Almost everyone can play with this iPad application, mainly because it has no age limits. There are 12 levels each player has to take into. At the beginning, you will be shown some tutorials that teach you how to play this game. You will see how you are supposed to water the flowers, add water in the cans and in general everything you need to know when you are taking care of a garden.

There are several rules you need to obey. One of them is that every flower needs a certain amount of drops of water. If you do not respect that number of drops, your flower will have problems, the seed from the pot will not grow up anymore and the flower will die. There are 36 levels in total, because the game includes three sets of 12 levels each.

This is why in order to solve this task, you have to make some calculations and check the result of your operations. If they are correct, you will be taken to the next level. This task includes logic analysis and problem solving techniques that challenge your brain.

If you happen to make any mistakes, you will have to remove the water from the cans or add more water, depending on the situation. You have to pay attention and see what you have to do in order to go to the next level. The task is not very difficult, but it needs you to focus and think logically.

As I have mentioned above, “Grow Your Garden HD” is perfect not only for children of all ages, but for adults as well. If you have already studied math and find this operations too easy, take advantage of the funny purpose of this iPad app. You will relax and get over stress while turning you into a responsible gardener. The funny fact is that after the plants are dying, there appears written the message “R.I.P.” as a response to the unfortunate event.

You can buy “Grow Your Garden HD” with $1.99 right now!


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