How to purchase a top printhead

Printheads are consumable parts, and they have to be changed at a certain point, because when they are not able to function properly they affect the quality of the printed documents and images. Therefore, if you have a printer you have to take into consideration that you might have to change its head soon, and you have to know how to choose one of the best products. The easy way would be to buy a Spectra Polaris 512 85 pl printhead, but if this is not suitable for your printer then you have to know how to purchase a right one.

Types of printers

According to the type of printer, there are different versions of heads. For example, the thermal printers are produced according to two different technologies. They are thermal transfer and direct thermal, and every manufacturer prefers a certain one. The thermal printers require the presence of melted wax within the printhead, in order to transfer the design or text onto the paper or other printing material. These devices do not require the use of heat-sensitive paper, so they are a great choice for the persons who want to produce a multi-colored output, or print in high density. In addition, they are used to print on alternative materials, and to create printouts that can withstand UV rays, or heat. The direct thermal printers are the best choice for the users that do not need extended capabilities. They are used to print document and other items that do not have to resist in time.

Top printheads manufacturers

How it was stated before, every manufacturer decides to produce a certain type of heads that can be compatible with one or more devices. In the top of choices of printer brands, you will find stated some names like Spectra Polaris, Xaar, Epson or Konica Minolta. Spectra Polaris is one of the well-known manufacturers in printhead industry. They produce a wide range of items, and you as user can easily find them on the market and online stores. In the last years, Xaar has provided rugged and reliable products for the users around the world, and customers are satisfied by the quality of their heads and other accessories. Some of the greatest printer brands are choosing Epson when they have to purchase heads for their products, because this company is trustworthy, and the clients are satisfies with their quality. Once you buy a printer with an Epson head, you can be sure that you do not have to replace it for some years, if you properly maintain and care it. Other top producer of printheads is Konica Minolta, which provides durable items, and improves their quality constantly. The items offered by this company can be used as parts of many types and brands of printers. The fact that this company is constantly upgrading its products it assures its place in the top of the most trustworthy printhead providers. The key of choosing a durable and quality printhead is to know the type of printer you owe, and what manufacturers are in users’ tops.


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