GroupMe Android App

For a while now the GroupMe Android app was launched and it is basically an application where you can add all of your friends and talk to them using a free phone number that they give you when you download the app. This program make it easier to talk to your friends in real life not like the other networks where you have a list of friends and you can only text them. The GroupMe app is free and it works on every phone and computer.

Here are the pros of the application:

  • You have the possibility to create chat rooms where you can add all of your friends and talk
  • You can invite friends on different platforms even if they do not have a smartphone
  • You can have as many conference calls as you want
  • You have the possibility to pick an avatar and customize your name
  • With the help of this app you can see the location of your friends
  • Sharing pictures among members of the group is very easy
  • You can use emoticons in your conversations

Now here are the cons of the GroupMe Android app:

  • You can not add a wallpaper to your application or change the theme


The GroupMe Android application is available for a lot of platforms such as blackberry and Android. Here you can add all of your friends and start chatting with them, you can transfer your phone contacts to this app. It gives you the possibility to start multiple char rooms where you can talk and you can also see where every member is located on the map. Aside from talking to them in real life you can also text them even if you do not have a smartphone. And if you like having the possibility to utilize your favorite apps for PC as well, not just for your mobile devices, know that GroupMe can be adapted too; while there are no particular PC versions, you can use software like Bluestacks to get other apps and mobile games to play on your desktop.

With the GroupMe Android app you have the possibility to see all the conversations between the members of the group. If on the phone you can only see the conversation you are having with that person on the GroupMe you can see all of them because you are in a chat room. This app is cool if you like to keep in touch with all of your friends and you are not satisfied with just having them on Facebook or Twitter. It is also great because you have the possibility to talk to your friends without having to pay any money because a number will be given to you. We hope that you will download and enjoy the GroupMe application.

You can find plenty more applications like these on websites like JournalOfNetworks.Org, or you can read reviews and compare them to see which products would suit your needs better. The GroupMe app can be very useful, but there are other options out there as well, which is why we recommend verifying your information in multiple sources.


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