GolfLogiX Rangefinder App Review

You don’t need too much experience anymore in order to estimate the distance to the hole. Nowadays you can find out what is the yardage by simply asking your device. A standalone GPS rangefinder is a good choice but it may be too expensive for many of us. If you take a look at the best rangefinder – Bushnell Pro X7 Jolt Slope, you will see that a high quality device such as this one costs about $100 and other models can cost as much as $1000. Not everyone can spend that much money on a device that will be used a few times a year. Don’t get angry and don’t be careless spending this money. You can go shopping only after you have tried some apps that didn’t satisfy your performance needs.

Best golf app

The GolfLogiX application is very easy to install. It works on Windows Phone, Android, iOS, and BlackBerry devices. Looking at the number of downloads we can see that the GolfLogix has been the #1 golf app worldwide for the last four years. Both amateurs and pros use this app because it’s so helpful.

Free membership services:

  • Free unlimited lifetime GPS distances to green centers
  • Free yardage book 3D color course images
  • Personalized club info
  • More than 30,000 mapped golf courses
  • Aerial imagery of each hole
  • Score and stat tracking as well as four-player scorecard
  • The possibility to share rounds and scores or to post challenges to Facebook.

It costs $19.99 a year to upgrade to your champion membership status. You will get GPS distances to front, center and back of greens, the patented club tracking feature and the most interesting detail – the flyover animation of hole.

Accuracy & Performance

The GPS function is very good. If you compare it with the best rangefinder – Bushnell Pro X7 Jolt Slope, you will of course notice that the app is not as precise as a rangefinder but it’s more than adequate for most golf players – beginners and pros as well! It’s the best value that you can find out there for free. If helps you find your hidden bunker before the ball finds it. This application has a downside though – it’s very battery consuming, that’s why it’s advisable for you to shut down your device between the shots. This app allows the user to register his performance so he can be easier guided, to be able to monitor his improvement across the time or to compare himself with other players. Keeping stats it’s very uncomfortable that’s why this app help you register them. First you customize the app that you want to keep the stats, then after each hole you enter what you did. It doesn’t take long, only a couple of seconds. It’s very rewarding to see your totals for the whole season.


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