Extensive Notes Android App

A new amazing note taking application is Extensive Notes and it has so many features.

You can buy this note taking app from the market for $1.99.


  • Pros & Cons:
  • Pros
  • Extremely easy to use and feature rich note taking application!
  • Gives you the chance to take handwritten notes, audio notes, and video notes!
  • Supports folders, advanced note searching, database search, and password locked notes and folders!
  • Streamlined application makes it very easy to use!
  • Bunch of extras including: conversions, calculators, stopwatches, countdowns, shopping lists, vacuum cleaner reviews, to-do lists, translators, artist and lyrics lookups, weather forecasts, password management, and more!
  • Supports backup to the SD Card!
  • Cons
  • No integrated cloud backup.
  • It isn’t so esthetic like other note taking apps.
  • Features:

In the Extensive Notes Android App review I will present to you all features of this android note taking app. Extensive Notes has some really nice features like the standard note taking options, a stopwatch, unit conversions, a shopping list tool, media tools, Google translate, references, folders furthermore it also has the features of importing and exporting files from and to SD card. Other useful information on allpcsecrets.com.

You will think that one note taking application like this can’t have so many features after opening it. On the main screen you will have the notes that already had been recorded and at the bottom of the screen you have some options. The options that you have are: Folders, New, Sort, Extras, Search and Settings. In the Extras menu you will see like 70% of this note taking app features.

A feature that I liked at this android note taking app is the feature that lets you take a note with your finger or with a stylus of a capacitive screen. The audio and video function liked me too.

With the option that lets you create a folder you can arrange your notes how you want and to categorize them.

The developers of this note taking application says that with the features of sorting your notes by date and priority level and any other things you will find whenever you want anything you need.

This note taking app also has a weather feature and with this you can see the 5 days forecast and you also cans save it and see it later too.

In the Extras menu you also have conversion tools and calculator and with this feature you can perform calculations and you will not be needed any more apps.

  • Usefulness:

This android note taking app is really useful as a note taking app and as an information tool too.

  • Ease of Use:

This app is a really simple one and you will get really fast used to it.

  • Frequently Used:

After testing this I think that this note taking app will not be used for a note taking and it will be used for its add-ons too.

  • Interface:

The interface isn’t so elegant like the sister app Classic Notes but I think that this won’t make you delete it.


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