Dos and Don’ts in SEO that you should know

Everyone who has a website knows how important search engine optimization is. If your target customers cannot find you, you will most certainly not reach your goals successfully. The problem is that many people do not understand how SEO works and they make mistakes that could have been avoided with some research. For instance, they all expect their first SEO campaign to do wonders for them. All SEO experts in Ottawa know that search engine optimization is an ongoing process and it needs to be permanently sustained by something, in order to give results. Another valuable advice is to learn about SEO and understand how things work. Only this way will you be able to get to the root of everything and understand everything that this process involves. Without further ado, here are the most important dos that you need to know:

  • SEO experts recommend their clients to use relevant and informative content on their websites. Many websites are filled with clutter and content that is not necessarily valid for what they offer, which is why their websites fail to reach decent positions;
  • Another important do is to use relevant keywords for your field of work. Even though keywords are not the only factors that influence your rankings, they still play an important parts and when you use some keywords that people actually use, you have considerably more chances to reach higher positions in Google search results;
  • Establish links from respectable sites. Link building is no longer simply placing links on shady websites. The better the websites you use, the more your site will grow.


SEO experts in Ottawa also advise website owners against doing the following things:


  • Overstuffing you website with keywords. Having keywords everywhere will produce the exact effect as not having them at all. The idea is to use them wisely and with a limit. Do your research properly and choose the most relevant keywords for your business. After that, try to introduce them as naturally as possible in the content of your website, its meta titles and descriptions as well as in the offsite articles that you will use for link building. Overstuffing content with keywords is probably the most common mistake done by those who have just started optimizing their websites;
  • Do not use irrelevant content. Even if at first it may seem to show results, come next Google update your website will plummet with few chances of recovery;
  • Don’t use hidden text or hidden links. Even though users might not be able to see them, Google will certainly not miss them and your website will be affected.


These are the most important aspects you should know about SEO. Of course, this topic is very vast and a thorough research is needed before starting to do your SEO. If this is the first time you are considering search engine optimization for your website, you might want to hire a professional company who knows what needs to be done and will help you not to make these mistakes.


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