DeskSMS Android App Review

We thought we should make a DeskSMS Android app review because it is quite amazing that with this app you can text from your phone number but by using a browser or Gmail for example. When you reply to someone that person will receive a text from your phone number even if you tipped it from your tablet. It is very useful if you have clients because you can use the email client option and send them text messages from your phone without having to use the phone.

Here are the pros of the DeskSMS:

  • With this app you can send and receive text messages on your tablet or computer
  • It has a lot of internet extensions such as: Firefox, chrome and Gmail and Google talk extensions
  • Easy to download, set up and use
  • The app merges the contacts with Google talk and Gmail so you know every time who is texting you
  • The support of the developer is great

Now here are the cons of the DeskSMS:

  • It may be annoying if you have merged contacts
  • Some users may not like the method of payment even though the price is fair for the service it provides


What the DeskSMS does is allow users to send and receive messages from their android devices or even from normal computers. The application was developed by Koush, the same developer who created the popular ROM Manager. With this app you can now respond to your messages on the device you want and make it appear as if you sent it from your phone. This way if you forget you phone somewhere and you need to send a message or are expecting an important message you can now send it or receive it.

It is not very hard to make it run. All you have to do is download it from the internet and run the application. You will see that you will immediately be sent to your Google account. Once you download it you will have 7 days available to try it after which you are going to have to pay for it.

So this is the DeskSMS Android App Review, an amazing application but not for everyone. We came to the conclusion that this application best fits a business person because it needs the constant contact with the phone. This way you will never miss any important message and you will be able to text from everywhere you want.


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