Cool Android apps that will change your life!

You use your phone every day and access several apps and you probably think that you have everything you need, right? Wrong! There are a few apps that will change your life and make everything considerably easier. These are some of the 10 best Android apps of the moment that you absolutely need to try:


Food Substitutions

You have been dreaming of this recipe for days now and you finally found the time to cook it, but when you are in the middle of stirring something, you suddenly realize you are missing an ingredient. Well, this app might just be what you needed because it will give you suggestions of how to substitute the missing ingredient so that your food tastes just as good. You can search by food category or alphabetically and aside from the substitute suggestions that you will receive, you will also find nutritional values and other tips and tricks to make your cooking experience easier.

Around Me

This is a great app for those who travel a lot. You only need to connect to the internet and it will offer you information about the closest bars, hotels, banks, restaurants, hospitals and everything else you might need. The app will also point you in the right direction, so you will never have problems finding a place to eat the next time you are in an unfamiliar town. You can also find more related apps on



Many times pictures need a little text to make sure all your friends understand their true meaning. This app will let you blend the fonts over your pictures perfectly and give them just the look you wanted. It is great for when you are travelling and you want to post a nice photo or when you have a special event in your life that needs a caption.



You are at the theater, watching a movie, when suddenly you feel like going to the bathroom. You do not want to miss anything important, but at the same time you don’t think you will last until the end, so what can you do? RunPee is the app you have been expecting. You just need to access it, look for the movie you are watching and it will tell you what parts of the movie are not very important so that you don’t miss anything crucial. It will also offer you a summary to help you stay informed and it is quickly updated as soon as new movies get released. With this being said, if you like going to the premier, this app will not do you too much good, but if you wait a day or two, this app is a miracle worker.



This is a wonderful app as it predicts your next work when you are typing a message. Some Android phones come with it already installed, but in case yours does not you should definitely try it. It will make your life much easier and enable you to type messages that much faster.


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