CNBC Real-Time for Android App Review

If you are a business man you should read our CNBC Real-Time for Android app review because with this program you will make your life easier. With this little application you can see the stock quotes before, during and after market hours. You will get your information from the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ Marketplace.  Aside from these you will have at your fingertips a lot of CNBC videos, news, analysis and stories. This application also allows you to observe in real time the evolution of a particular companies stocks.

Here are the pros of the CNBC real-time app:

  • You have fresh news every minute provided by CNBC
  • You can see in real time the evolutions on the stock market in Europe, America and Asia
  • You can see the value of your stocks on the market
  • Every hour you can get news updates from the market
  • The application is very easy to use

Here are the cons of the CNBC real-time application:

  • The videos provided by CNBC are not updated in real time, they are usually updated once every 10 hours
  • You can not add quantities of stock and calculate the value of your portfolio


The CBNC real-time news is a platform which provides you with the latest news on the stock market. This application also allows you to receive real time news updates, see videos provided by CBNC and also see the changes that are happening in your own portfolio.

The main thing that this application does is give you the latest information regarding the stock market. You can see live the changes that are happening worldwide on the stock market such as: Europe, America and Asia. You can also search for stocks and get the information you want about them.

Another thing that may get you even more interested in this software is that now you have the possibility to download and install apps for PC as well, so you can share information on all your devices, and have access to it anywhere you are. Just think then of all the possibilities when working with this app, and how useful it could become in your business endeavors and staying in touch with what’s important

With the CNBC Real-Time for Android app review you can add stocks that you want to follow in your My stocks folder. You can observe their evolution, how much the value has changed from one day to the other, the day range and what the last value of trade was. On one side of this folder you can see all the news regarding the companies you have in you My stocks folder. However, in this area you can not see in real time what the value of your portfolio is but you can see the changes that are happening on the market in real time and that is something.


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