Classic Notes Notepad ToDo Android App


If you love taking notes you are going to like the Classic Notes – Notepad ToDo Android App because it does everything you would want when you are organizing. This notepad is a gift sent from heaven for those who want to take notes, calculate, set memos, use a dictionary, convert different things, translate or listen to music. The Classic Notes – Notepad ToDo Android app does all of these things and aside from this it is classy and has a stylish look. The application is very easy to use and you can access any app you need aside from the ones provided by this one.

Here are the pros of the Classic Notes – Notepad ToDo Android app:

  • The style of the notepad is minimalistic and it make you want to write on it
  • It gives you the possibility to import or export any documents you need
  • You can pin down notes, create a calendar for all you events, you can add a little status bar, attach different documents that you need and also make shortcuts on the screen
  • You can share all of your notes to applications that support text
  • You can easily translate any message with the help of Google Translate
  • You can adjust the type and the size of the font
  • It supports your text to the speech
  • You can lock any notes that are private
  • Offers a couple of extras such as: mortgage, postal codes, weather forcast, get answers to some questions that you may have, example word usage and dictionary

Here are the cons of the Classic Notes – Notepad ToDo Android app:

  • You can not backup your information online which is a must
  • The menu of the application is plain
  • The feature with which you can find similar artists does not work or it did not work when the app was tested


This amazing help, the Classic Notes – Notepad ToDo Android app, is there for you when you want to take notes, when you want to write down a to do list or calculate stuff. It offers you everything you would want from an organizer. You can basically do whatever you need as far as organizing is concerned on it. From now on you will no longer have to burden yourself with a lot of sticky notes and lists, you will have them all in one place and not on paper which is a big help. However, you need to know that this is just one of many apps of this kind, and before choosing one, you should check out more of them and compare them. They may have different features, and some may cater better to your personal needs; you can find good app reviews if you visit, but you can also get news about the latest gadgets and technological innovations. A good todo app can differ from others, but that doesn’t mean it will be better than them, it all has to do with what you need it to do; this is what you must keep in mind when choosing one.


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