AirDroid Android App

Being an android file manager app AirDroid Android App is a very popular app that lets you control your android device using your web browser. This application is really easy to set up and it really can handle as an android file manager tool. With this app you can send and receive SMS text messages, view pictures, manage contacts, install and remove apps and lot more things. Furthermore this application is also free.

  • Pros
  • Vast array of controls from web browser to phone!
  • Nice UI! (both phone and web)
  • Android file management!
  • Very easy to use!
  • Cons
  • Device picture matching has yet to be introduced.
  • Features:

To be able to use this app you will have to set up it and it is really easy:

Step 1: After opening AirDroid Android App on your device, you will receive a password and an IP address.

Step 2: On your browser visit that address.

Step 3: Enter password.

After doing all those 3 simple steps this android file manager app is ready to go.

After entering in the app you will have 10 icons that you have to select from: Music, Messages, Apps, Contacts, Files, Call-Log, Files, Clipboard, Photo’s and Call-Log. You can select whatever you want and after selecting it you can edit your files or search for a file, It will open a small window for every editing tool. On the right hand side you have a tab that shows you information about your phone like the storage and how many files you have on it, how many messages, apps installed and music tracks.

Opening the Contacts, it will appear a list with your contacts and you can very easy to edit them. From the Ringtones you can see the list with the ringtones that you have on your device.

This application manager app gives you the opportunity to explore it and you have an amazing level of access to your device.

  • Usefulness:

AirDroid Android Application gives you the chance to control your contacts, music, photos and much other from your laptop or computer and from there it’s easier to complete these then on the touchscreen.

  • Ease of use:

After testing this app I can say that this file manager app is a really easy to use one. Controlling your phone with the help of the laptop is really amazing.

  • Frequently Used:

On how frequent you will use it depends of the kind of person you are and if you can’t handle with Android device then you will really use this. After installing it I used it at every two days to access my files.

  • Interface:

AirDroid Android Apps interface is a really simple one and also very responsive. While testing it I experienced a small lag and sincerely I was expecting to experience it. The both interfaces, from the browser and from the app itself, are very beautiful and easy to use.


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