Actions Pro Android App

With Actions Pro Android App you can create your android profiles really easy. This profile manager app is an extremely user-friendly one and lets you to make your android profiles as you want with a variety of factors. Actions Pro Android App isn’t just only an android profiles app it is also a very smart tool that will be essential for people that are having a busy lifestyle.

The price of this app is $4.67.

  • Pros
  • Hugely customizable!
  • Easy to use!
  • Great interface!
  • Comprehensive help section!
  • Cons

As ever, ensure that the ROM you are using does not already perform the tasks you need.

  • Features:

All of us are having a busy life and your phone can be customized to be how you want, for example in silent mode through the night so you will not be waked up by a late SMS. You can make your phone as you like it with the Actions Pro Android App.

To show you what this app do I will give you a perfect example of things that you can do with it. If you are reading magazines or books in PDF on your Android device you can set it, with the help of Actions Pro, like this: App Launched-PDF Viewer, Time-6 pm to 10 pm, Location-Home (or where you will do this action), Actions: Display brightness to max, set screen timeout to 20 minutes, provide a pop-up reminder “Wear your Glasses”, block or divert incoming calls. You can do whatever you want because this application gives you a bunch of possibilities and customizations also that are really varied and detailed.

With this profile manager app you will think that your Android device is smarter. It will respond really promptly to any actions that you will perform.

  • Help is at hand

With all the features and options that this application has it really feels awesome to see that it also has a depth of help. The help menu is available for every screen in this app; you can enter in the help menu from the screen that you are on or from the main help menu.

  • Usefulness

The profile manager app Actions Pro is doing a large range of actions and a few tools that are doing the same thing. After installing this app your phones potential will surely improve.

  • Ease of use

Customizing android profiles with this app isn’t so hard but if you want to get the full benefit of it you will have something to learn, but this app is also fun letting you explore it and helping you with the help menu.

  • Frequently used

Depending of what kind of person you are, a business man or a student, this app can always run on the background of your device helping you customize your android profiles.

  • Interface

This application has a really amazing interface with bold menus that are looking wonderful and they perform like they look like.


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